Monday, November 11, 2013

Coldwell Banker Salutes our Veterans!


It happened a few weeks back, while sitting in the airport in Washington DC waiting for my flight to be called for boarding to Boston.
An announcement came over the public address system: “Please give a warm welcome at the next gate to a party of World War II veterans from Wisconsin. They have come to visit the World War II monument.”
Immediately, every person in the Jet Blue terminal stood up, and began clapping for the elderly veterans as they were wheeled off the plane. Each veteran was accompanied by a caregiver who had accompanied them from Madison.
We clapped for the 20 veterans and caregivers. We clapped for their dedication to make the trip to DC. We clapped because we were proud and appreciative of their service. The clapping continued as the veterans were wheeled down the corridor to claim their baggage, shaking hands and waving to the crowd that lined the hallway.
Today, Veteran’s Day, is the day we honor and remember our veterans. Attend a ceremony, visit the cemetery, send a package to those that are currently in service, or donate to a veterans’ organization, or visit a veteran.  As for me – I’m going to recognize and thank each veteran I see today with “Thank you for your service” and a round of clapping.
Susan Hacker is a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage real estate agent in Beverly. She is particularly proud of her dad (Army) and her husband (Navy) veterans.
Are you a veteran? Looking to purchase or sell your home? Want information on a VA mortgage?
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